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Felony DUI Suspect Wasn’t Drunk But Had Rare Medical Condition

Drew Woodall Greene, of Westminster, South Carolina was arrested and charged with two counts of felony DUI after he failed to obey a traffic signal and crashed into another vehicle going about 72 mph. The crash led to the deaths of two people. Continue reading

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Study: Driving with Allergies is like Driving Drunk

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, like I do? Well if so, and you hop into your car, you might as well be driving with a 0.03 percent blood alcohol content, at least according to a new Dutch study. Continue reading

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Why can’t police officers see that age and medical conditions explain DUI symptoms?

Every time the police stop a vehicle, it is a DUI investigation.  It is the way they are trained.  If they smell alcohol you will be asked to get out of the car.  During the investigation, the police are trained … Continue reading

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