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Proposed Law Seeks to Push Last Call to 4am

It is 1:45am at your favorite local dive bar. You’ve lost track of time as the result of an in-depth, slightly inebriation induced, discussion with your BFF about last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. That’s when you hear the Ding of the bell and you know it’s your cue to make a mad dash to the bar for your last pint of Budweiser. The scenario is generally familiar to Californians who frequent the bar scene. It is what is known as “last call” or the time that alcohol-serving establishments give patrons to buy their last drink before alcohol sales stop at 2am. Continue reading

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Senate Approves Bill Reducing DUI Sentences

Roger Hernandez, a month before his own DUI arrest, introduced a bill that would allow misdemeanor offenders, including DUI offenders, who are sentenced to jail to receive work release credit for participating in educational, vocational, drug treatment, or other programs instead of jail time.
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