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Montana Woman Uses Involuntary Intoxication by Date-Rape Drug for DUI

In October, I wrote a post explaining the California law for involuntary intoxication and how it might apply in a DUI case. In California, a person cannot be convicted of a crime if they, through no fault of their own, ingested an intoxicating substance and were, therefore, not conscious of their commission of a crime. Although through a different state’s laws, a Montana woman has made a similar argument in her Montana DUI case. Continue reading

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Involuntary Intoxication and DUI

Many jurisdictions consider driving under the influence a “strict liability” offense. This means that in order for a person to be convicted of driving under the influence, the prosecution need not prove that the person intended to drive drunk. In other words, you can be convicted of driving under the influence even if you did not intend to drive drunk. Continue reading

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