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One Step Closer to Closing A Loophole

Under current California Law, a person can be charged with up to four years in jail if they flee a scene of a crash with someone seriously injured. First proposed in February 2019 by Assemblyman Jim Patterson, bill AB-582 requests … Continue reading

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“Justice is truth in action.” -Benjamin Disraeli

The inscription in the wall of the lobby of the courthouse is hardly noticeable and difficult to read. It is placed by the four elevators that lead up to the numerous courtrooms, where, day in and day out, judicial officers make decisions having a major impact on individuals’ lives. “Justice is truth in action,” the inscription reads. It seems poignant but as if it was placed there as an afterthought, much like the “justice” that was delivered to an individual in those hallowed halls not too long ago. Continue reading

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Can you really be arrested for riding your bicycle while drunk?

In Los Angeles today, 5 bicyclists were arrested for DUI.  Can you really get a DUI for riding your bicycle.?  The first question that must be answered is whether a bicycle is a “vehicle” within the meaning of Vehicle Code … Continue reading

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