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Man Arrested and Charged for DUI After Blowing 0.00

Jessie Thornton, a 64-year old man from the retirement community of Surprise, Arizona, adjusted his sleep schedule to match his wife’s schedule. His wife is an ER nurse who works nights. Thornton runs his errands, does his chores, and goes to the gym at night while his wife works so that they can both sleep during the day. Continue reading

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Good Friend or Kidnapper?

Witnesses in San Diego reported the latter. But what really was it? It was someone taking the phrase “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” all too literally. Continue reading

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The Hypoglycemic DUI

Those afflicted by hypoglycemia display double vision, blurry vision, nervousness, poor balance, disorientation, tiredness, and weakness, amongst others. Do these symptoms sound familiar? They should. They’re often the symptoms law enforcement cite to support a finding of probable cause for a DUI suspect. Continue reading

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Off-Camera Field Sobriety Test is Unlawful

In Pinellas County California, police officers keep onboard cameras on during DUI stops. The officers, however, apparently record only what they want to record. Continue reading

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Suck a Penny

Have you heard this one? Suck on a penny when you’re pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence and when law enforcement administers the breathalyzer, and the reading for your blood alcohol content will be ridiculously high. The reading will be so high, in fact, that the suspect can later claim that the breathalyzer machine was flawed. Continue reading

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