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Can a Fever Increase a Breathalyzer Reading?

Breathalyzers assume that no one has gastroesophageal reflux disease, a low carb diet, and that no one is hypoglycemic. While breathalyzers do not account for these differences in people, they can all affect breathalyzer results. Continue reading

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Faulty OC Blood-Alcohol Tests Affect California DUIs

The Orange County Crime Lab has reported that, between May and October of this year, its testing of blood-alcohol in DUI cases has produced flawed results. Calibration errors in testing equipment produced blood-alcohol testing results approximately 0.01 percent higher than the actual blood-alcohol content. Continue reading

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The Hypoglycemic DUI

Those afflicted by hypoglycemia display double vision, blurry vision, nervousness, poor balance, disorientation, tiredness, and weakness, amongst others. Do these symptoms sound familiar? They should. They’re often the symptoms law enforcement cite to support a finding of probable cause for a DUI suspect. Continue reading

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Breath Testing Machines

The breath testing equipment used by law enforcement has certain parameters within which it operates. In certain circumstances these machines direct the operator to take specific steps in order to facilitate a valid reading. Continue reading

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