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Will California See Harsher Punishments For DUI Homicides?

Law enforcement and government agencies believe that it is important to educate the public about DUIs. By explaining the dangers of impaired driving, it will help make people think twice about getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or using … Continue reading

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Pittsburg Man Pleads Guilty to Murder Charge in DUI Crash

On March 23,2018, a Ford Escape was driving eastbound on Highway 4 when it crashed into a barrier and then into another car. Police suspected that the driver, Jose Amaya-Rivera, had been drinking prior to getting onto the road. His … Continue reading

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Your face on Facebook!

The Huntington Beach city council has voted against a proposal that would have allowed the police department to post mug shots on Facebook of those arrested for DUI in California. One council member had recommended posting the names and faces … Continue reading

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