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Predatory Southern California Checkpoints?

I warned you. Law enforcement official throughout California stepped up efforts to curb end-of-summer drunk driving, particularly with checkpoints. But were they really aimed at catching drunk drivers or was there an ulterior motive behind their efforts? Some are criticizing the checkpoints for unfairly targeting low income immigrants who do not hold drivers licenses. Continue reading

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Pass a Breathalyzer or Don’t Leave the Bar

Belgium is one of the great beer countries of the world. With Belgian beer dating back to the middle ages, it’s fair to say that they’ve had some time to develop some of the best beers in the world. Bars and nighttime hotspots often boast over 400 beers on tap. With that much variety, it can make it difficult to leave without trying at least a few of them. Unfortunately, the beer-drinking culture has, in part, led to Belgians taking to the roads drunk. Continue reading

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Don’t Celebrate Independence Day with a DUI

What’s better than celebrating our independence with family, friends, and fireworks? A Fourth of July without drunk drivers on the road. Unfortunately, the truth is that the Fourth of July is one of the deadliest holidays of year as the … Continue reading

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Money Well Spent?

The Los Angeles Times reported that in 2012 the California Office of Traffic Safety granted the Burbank Police Department $31,500 to conduct DUI checkpoints through September of this year. That’s a lot of money, much of which comes from taxpayers. I’m sure that taxpayers wouldn’t mind paying if it means taking drunk drivers off the road. The Burbank Police Department used some of those funds to hold a DUI checkpoint on Saturday, June 1st. How many drunk drivers were taken off the road, you ask? Continue reading

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What Are a Persons Rights at a DUI Checkpoint?

In true lawyer-nerd fashion, I was browsing YouTube looking for humorous law related videos. My other customary YouTube browsing topic of choice is “funny cat videos.” This time, however, I came across this clip. Continue reading

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