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The Dangers and Consequences of Getting Repeat DUIs

It is important that people understand the dangers of repeat DUIs. In California particularly, legislators have made an effort to curb repeat offenses by discussing ways to prevent them and drafting policy restrictions. One representative said, “If someone gets a … Continue reading

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Four of Five Passengers Fatally Die in Quadruple DUI Crash

On May 13th, 2020, four people were tragically killed in a suspected DUI crash in San Jose, California.  The driver (identified as Rabbi Kumar Khanna, 26) was traveling at a dangerously high speed of 100 miles per hour in a … Continue reading

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Pittsburg Man Pleads Guilty to Murder Charge in DUI Crash

On March 23,2018, a Ford Escape was driving eastbound on Highway 4 when it crashed into a barrier and then into another car. Police suspected that the driver, Jose Amaya-Rivera, had been drinking prior to getting onto the road. His … Continue reading

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Will My License be Suspended after a California DUI Conviction?

One of the most feared consequences associated with a California DUI conviction is the license suspension. While most people who have been convicted of a California DUI know that their license will be suspended, few know the process by which a license is suspended or for how long a license will be suspended following a DUI arrest. Continue reading

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DUI Offenders with Suspended Licenses Caught Driving Away From Court

Undercover sting operations by law enforcement agencies aimed at catching DUI offenders with suspended licenses driving away from court are not uncommon. And last week, one such operation took place in Newport Beach, California. Continue reading

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