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Money well spent?

In a very surprising move, Orange Coast Community College received a grant of almost a quarter million dollars ($220,000.00 to be exact), in order to fund a campus wide survey of students drinking habits.  The study allegedly aims to reduce … Continue reading

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How many times do I have to blow?

Many clients often inquire why law enforcement required them to blow into multiple breathalyzer devices throughout the course of their DUI arrest.  The answer is slightly more complex than one would initially think at first blush.

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What is an “APS” hearing?

After receiving a DUI, many people find out almost immediately from friends and colleges that they must schedule their APS hearing within 10 days of their arrest.  But what is an APS hearing you say?  APS stands for an “Administrative … Continue reading

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Latest News on California DMV Hearings Regarding Discovery

In Southern California, the DMV has decided to toughen up on their policy regarding copies of discovery (e.g. police reports, chemical test results, DS 367, etc.) and their distribution as it relates to APS (or DUI DMV) hearings.

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How does DMV get away with not calling the officer to testify?

After an arrest for DUI the police officer gives the individual arrested a pink sheet of paper called a temporary license.  After an arrest you have 10 days to contact DMV to preserve your right to a hearing in order … Continue reading

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