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How Do I Get My License Back Following a California DUI?

Following a California DUI arrest, a person has only 10 days to request DMV administrative per se hearing to try and save their license. If the hearing is requested, their license will automatically be suspended. If a hearing is scheduled, but is ultimately lost, the person’s license will be suspended. Continue reading

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The DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing

Any one arrested on suspicion of drunk driving is required to schedule, either themselves or through their lawyer, an administrative per se hearing (A.P.S.) with the California DMV. Continue reading

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Driving on a suspended license is no joke!

As we have discussed in the past, receiving a DUI in Los Angeles County triggers two separate governing bodies to have hearings.  The DMV has their hearings, and California Superior Court has theirs.  One of the consequences of losing at … Continue reading

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What is an “APS” hearing?

After receiving a DUI, many people find out almost immediately from friends and colleges that they must schedule their APS hearing within 10 days of their arrest.  But what is an APS hearing you say?  APS stands for an “Administrative … Continue reading

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Latest News on California DMV Hearings Regarding Discovery

In Southern California, the DMV has decided to toughen up on their policy regarding copies of discovery (e.g. police reports, chemical test results, DS 367, etc.) and their distribution as it relates to APS (or DUI DMV) hearings.

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