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Tennessee DUI Fees Ruled Unconstitutional

A landmark decision came from the Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals on Tuesday with the opinion that Tennessee’s DUI conviction fee system is unconstitutional. The fee system awards $250 to the Bureau of Investigation for every successful DUI conviction. The … Continue reading

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Latest News on California DMV Hearings Regarding Discovery

In Southern California, the DMV has decided to toughen up on their policy regarding copies of discovery (e.g. police reports, chemical test results, DS 367, etc.) and their distribution as it relates to APS (or DUI DMV) hearings.

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Is it clear when someone “refuses” to take a blood test or breath test ?

Before I address the ambiguity of a chemical test refusal, I have talked to several individuals that have told me that they believe they have a right to refuse a chemical test (breath or blood).  Even though it seems that it … Continue reading

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