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Cover Charge Means DUI Liability Says California Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court has ruled that a party host who requires a cover charge to offset some of the costs of a party may be held liable if an underage drinker becomes intoxicated, drives, and injures or kills another person. Continue reading

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California Supreme Court: No Challenging of Breathalyzer Accuracy in DUI Cases

The California Supreme Court has held that general scientific evidence refuting the accuracy of all breathalyzers in California DUI cases is inadmissible as evidence. The decision, however, does not prohibit the introduction of evidence that a particular breathalyzer is malfunctioning. Continue reading

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What is a Tahl Form?

Last week a client asked me what a Tahl form was after I explained the process of accepting a plea deal. I thought it might be a good idea to run through the basics of a Tahl form for a DUI. Continue reading

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