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The Dangers and Consequences of Getting Repeat DUIs

It is important that people understand the dangers of repeat DUIs. In California particularly, legislators have made an effort to curb repeat offenses by discussing ways to prevent them and drafting policy restrictions. One representative said, “If someone gets a … Continue reading

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Drunk Driver Causes Fatal Crash in Long Beach, CA

Dennis Van Nguyen, 64, of Westminster was sadly killed in an accident caused by an alleged drunk driver in Long Beach on March 23. The driver was later identified as David Michael Garrison. Garrison, 38, of Bellflower was allegedly driving … Continue reading

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Gun Rights and DUI Collide

Recent years have seen an increased focus on gun rights in the news as gun violence appears to have increased in frequency. In light of this, California is considering a new bill – Senate Bill 55 – which would revoke … Continue reading

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Pittsburg Man Pleads Guilty to Murder Charge in DUI Crash

On March 23,2018, a Ford Escape was driving eastbound on Highway 4 when it crashed into a barrier and then into another car. Police suspected that the driver, Jose Amaya-Rivera, had been drinking prior to getting onto the road. His … Continue reading

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DUI – Enhanced Penalties

In California, as in most states, there are several categories of DUI conviction. Among these are the “Standard” DUI penalties, the “Enhanced” DUI penalties and penalties involving DUI by minors. This post deals specifically with “Enhanced” DUI penalties. For information … Continue reading

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