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Cycling Under the Influence, a Crime in Colorado

Most of us are aware that driving a vehicle under the influence is illegal. The law is present in one form or another across the United States. But what about riding a bicycle while intoxicated? In California, Vehicle Code 212005.5 … Continue reading

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Teen Charged with DUI on a Bike

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Tuesday night after police found him driving under the influence on a bicycle. Trevor Joseph Kruis, 19, was spotted by police at about 10:52 p.m. riding his bike in traffic. When officers stopped him, he … Continue reading

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Rafting Under the Influence (RUI)

I’ve talked about BUI for operating a boating under the influence. I’ve talked about CUI for cycling under the influence. Apparently in Alaska you can be charged with RUI for rafting under the influence. Continue reading

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Cycling Under the Influence (CUI)

Can you be charged with driving under the influence under California’s DUI law, California Vehicle Code section 23152, when riding a bicycle? Simply put, no. Continue reading

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Can you really be arrested for riding your bicycle while drunk?

In Los Angeles today, 5 bicyclists were arrested for DUI.  Can you really get a DUI for riding your bicycle.?  The first question that must be answered is whether a bicycle is a “vehicle” within the meaning of Vehicle Code … Continue reading

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