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What are DUI Pre-Trial Motions?

Pre-trial motions typically refer to written documents that are filed by a party requesting that the court take a certain action. For example, a defense attorney may file a pre-trial motion to exclude evidence that has been obtained inappropriately. These … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Good DUI Lawyer in California

Facing a DUI charge can be overwhelming for many drivers, therefore, it is beneficial to face it with a DUI attorney by your side. A good DUI attorney can help you properly understand the details of your case and navigate … Continue reading

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DUI Defendants Waiting to Be Cleared for 3 Years

How have some DUI defendants not gotten a chance to prove their innocence, even three years after their initial arrest? One Atlanta, Georgia woman knows this situation too well. Lauren Thomas was arrested in May 2015 for DUI, even though … Continue reading

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DUI on an ATV

An Illinois man has been charged with DUI after crashing his all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

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California DUI Involved Accident Can Lead to Emergency Response Bills

Many of my clients are shocked when they discover that they are billed for the emergency response units that are dispatched after their accident involved California DUI. The most common of responses includes, “I thought my tax dollars paid for that!” I hate to say it but, no they don’t. Continue reading

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