Armed Suspected DUI Driver Arrested for Crashing into Caltrans Truck

On Wednesday night, California Highway Patrol arrested a DUI suspect that crashed into a Caltrans vehicle at a road closure. According to authorities, Highway 16 closed to contain spot fires caused by a horrendous wildfire in Amador County. CHP’s Amador division said that firefighters were battling the Copper Fire which had burned through 48 acres of land.

A Caltrans crew was in the process of moving the road closure into Amador County when they noticed a white Dodge Ram pickup truck rushing toward the closure. Authorities were also directing traffic near their parked vehicles at the time. Once it became clear that the Dodge had no intention of stopping, the officers and Caltrans crew hastily moved out of harm’s way.

As the pickup truck came closer, the driver lost control of the vehicle and struck the passenger side door of a Caltrans crew truck. The suspect sustained minor injuries and did not require any medical attention. Fortunately, no other person was harmed in the incident.

When officers at the scene of the crash examined the driver for injuries, they found that he may have been under the influence. They tried to remove him from the vehicle to conduct further assessments, but the driver tried to resist arrest and return to his truck.

One of the officers spotted a gun sticking out between the driver’s seat and the console after checking his truck. It was a loaded Taurus Judge .410 shotgun pistol. According to investigative reports, authorities later found more weapons and large amounts of ammunition in the vehicle.

DUI Driving and Guns In Tow?

As a result, officers arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence and because of gun violations. They booked him into the Sacramento County Main Jail. The identity of the driver has not been released yet, but the investigation is ongoing.

If this is the defendant’s first DUI, and no one experienced serious bodily harm, it is possible that he will be only be charged with a misdemeanor. However, if this is his second offense, the penalties could be far more severe. The defendant will need a lawyer capable of offering great counsel to address potential charges. Here at the Law Offices of Taylor and Taylor, defense attorneys are well-versed in different types of DUI cases and can ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.

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21-Year-Old Man Faces 12 Years in Prison for Fatal DUI Crash

Last November, a drunk driver identified as Pablo Roman Trujillo Carrasco was charged after killing two teenage brothers in a car accident in California.

According to investigative reports, the DUI incident occurred early in the morning on November 17, 2019. Carrasco was driving in a Chevy truck with the two victims Cesar Perez, 19, and Louis Perez, 16. The Los Angeles Police said that the truck was traveling at an accelerated speed down Parthenia Street when it veered into the opposite lane. Shortly after, Carrasco lost control of his vehicle and smashed into two parked cars.

The crash caused the Chevy to flip and land on its roof, trapping all three occupants inside. After emergency medical personnel extracted them from the vehicle, the two brothers sadly succumbed to the severe injuries they sustained. Police noted that Carrasco was under the influence at the time of the crash. Unlike his passengers, he only suffered minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Authorities do not know what Carrasco’s relationship was with the two brothers, however, they were leaving a quinceanera when the crash happened.

A Sentence Has Been Decided

This past Tuesday, Carrasco pleaded no contest to two felony counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. The courts sentenced him to 12 years in prison as a result of his DUI. For now, Carrasco is being held at the North County Correctional Facility, awaiting his new sentence.

It is not clear if Carrasco has a DUI attorney who will handle the proceedings of his case. For a case like this, he will need practiced attorneys who can provide proper representation and compassion.

I can only imagine the devastation of losing not one, but two of your children in an accident. No family should have to ever experience this. We send our deepest condolences to the Perez family.

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Teen Drunk Driver Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run in Gardena

On Saturday, August 29th, 2020, a 19-year-old man killed a woman in a hit-and-run crash in Gardena, California.

Authorities identified the teen drunk driver as Isaiah Lono of Hawthorne. The teen allegedly stole a 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 from outside an auto shop before crashing the speeding vehicle into several others. According to investigative reports, Lono was later traveling near Redondo Beach and Vermont Avenue when he ran a red light and fatally struck 30-year-old Angelica Gonzalez. 

The impact of the crash was severe, placing Gonzalez in critical condition. Once first responders arrived, they transported her to Harbor UCLA Medical Center where she later died from her injuries. 

Lono attempted to flee from the crash on foot. However, witnesses intervened and prevented him from getting too far before police officers arrived at the scene of the crime. At the time of his arrest, Gardena police suspected Lono to have been driving while under the influence. Authorities arrested the teen drunk driver shortly after the tragic accident on suspicion of driving under the influence and also charged him with additional crimes.

Given the severity of the case, the courts set his bail at $2 million. If charged, he could face over 18 years to life in prison. 

When Lono appears in court, he will be facing one count each of:

  • murder
  • fleeing from the scene of a fatal collision
  • grand theft
  • driving resulting in property damage
  • driving when privilege suspended or revoked.

Complex Cases Require Capable Coverage

It is unfortunate that the defendant made the decision to drive despite being impaired. And even worse that his choices ultimately cost someone her life. That is why I stress that people think twice before deciding to going out on the road after drinking. It’s not worth the risk and danger.

In addition, recent changes to California law permit hit-and-run drivers to be charged for longer periods of time than before. Prosecutors in this case may push that Lono receive maximum penalties for his reckless behavior. The various misdemeanor and felony charges he faces will make it more difficult for his representation to establish a defense.

To tackle a complicated case like this, he will require defense from attorneys who understand the complexities of DUI law . The attorneys at the Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor are capable of successfully handling difficult cases such as this.

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Repeat DUI Offender Faces Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

A Cotati man is suspected of driving intoxicated and fatally striking a 53-year-old pedestrian this past Tuesday in Petaluma, CA.

According to authorities, the driver (identified as 41-year-old James Watkins) was traveling southbound on McDowell Boulevard in a 2011 Toyota Prius at an accelerated speed. At approximately 7:00pm, Watkins lost control of his vehicle and went over the sidewalk, striking the victim just before entering the roundabout intersection.

The impact of the collision caused the Prius to spin out and land in the middle of the roundabout. Surprisingly, Watkins emerged unharmed and needed no medical attention. Police Lt. Tim Lyons reported that the suspect appeared dazed and incoherent. Upon closer examination, officers suspected he was driving under the influence of narcotics and had him tested at a local hospital. The results of the test will be revealed soon.

The victim received medical attention from two off-duty law enforcement officers and an off-duty nurse who happened to be at the scene of the crime. Once emergency medical personnel arrived, the victim was transported to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the man’s injuries were too serious, and he passed away in the hospital.

Subsequently, authorities arrested Watkins and booked him into the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility on suspicion of felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter. He also has a pending court date from a 2018 DUI collision arrest in Sonoma County. The investigation is ongoing.

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Officers Under Fire After Allowing Drunk Driver to Leave Crash Scene

A video of LAPD officers allowing a suspect to leave the scene of a four-car accident has gone viral and raised great concern by this Californian community. After crashing his own vehicle and hitting three others, the intoxicated man stumbled away without an arrest being made.

A suspected drunk driver hit three parked cars in Los Feliz, California on August 22nd at approximately 4 p.m. Officers dispatched to the scene allegedly did not perform necessary field sobriety tests on the driver who, according to witnesses, was visibly under the influence.

According to neighbors, the man kept drunkenly falling over and yelling at everyone, including the police and firefighters. Los Feliz resident Brock Williams shared the video and photos that led fellow neighbors to question law enforcement procedures or lack thereof.

When asked about the incident, the LAPD explained that officers on the scene make the call of whether to conduct a field sobriety test. In this case, the officers’ failure to do so left many people rightfully upset. One witness stated, “he could have killed someone, he could have injured people and have done a lot more damage than he did.”

In response to the community’s frustrations, the LAPD has launched a personnel investigation to closely examine the conduct of the officers in question.

It’s true that police officers have the authority to decide if and when field sobriety tests need to be administered to a possible drunk driver. However, that means they must know how to handle an accident scene in the proper manner with respect to safety. In this particular case, it doesn’t seem like the right decision was made in regard to the intoxicated man. And now a video of it has gone viral.

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