DUI Sentence Includes Holding a Sign Telling Other Not to Drink and Drive

In the past I’ve written about unusual and creative sentences handed down by judges for a DUI conviction. And this past weekend two multiple DUI offenders in Ohio served out the unusual punishment handed down to them.

Marcus Perry, 54, of Ashtabula, Ohio and Jeffrey Yenyo, 48, of Geneva, Ohio were ordered to hold signs about drinking and driving over the Fourth of July holiday  weekend.

Ashtabula Municipal Court Judge Laura DiGiacomo ordered Yenyo and Perry to stand at an Ashtabula intersection Friday and Saturday evenings while holding handmade warning signs about drinking and driving. The Star-Beacon reports Judge DiGiacomo says the creative sentencing was meant to send a message during the Fourth of July weekend.

The Fourth of July holiday weekend often proves to be one of the deadliest weekends of the year in terms of traffic fatalities for drunk driving.

Perry and Yenyo told WJW-TV that the punishment was fair, and they hoped they could help stop others from making the mistakes they did.

Perry had two previous DUI convictions and Yenyo had seven.


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