Bird Snitches On Drunk Driver

This story was just too good to pass up.

Guillermo Reyes, 49, was stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Mexico City, Mexico. As he was exiting his vehicle to be tested, Mexican officers heard a voice saying, “He’s drunk, he’s drunk” coming from inside the car. According the NYDailyNews, the officers thought there was someone else in the car.

Imagine their shock when they realized that the tattletale passenger was, in fact, Reyes’s pet bird.

The bird was right. Reyes was, indeed, found to be drunk and subsequently arrested.

Animal Surveillance Brigade officers were called to take the bird away. Authorities, however, feared that the bird would die if it were separated from its owner. Eventually, they allowed the bird to accompany Reyes to Mexico City’s “hangover prison” called El Torito. El Torito is similar to what is commonly referred to in California as the “Drunk Tank” where drunk drivers go to sober up after they are arrested for a California DUI.

I wonder if the police actually relied on the bird’s confession to begin investigating Reyes for a DUI. Either way, I can’t imagine that the bird would make a good witness.

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