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Getting divorced? Watch out for the “dirty DUI”

In Contra Costa County in Northern California, a series of cases has exposed a private detective (and former police officer) allegedly setting up soon to be ex-husbands for DUI arrests.  The investigator was allegedly working with a family law attorney … Continue reading

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“Justice is truth in action.” -Benjamin Disraeli

The inscription in the wall of the lobby of the courthouse is hardly noticeable and difficult to read. It is placed by the four elevators that lead up to the numerous courtrooms, where, day in and day out, judicial officers make decisions having a major impact on individuals’ lives. “Justice is truth in action,” the inscription reads. It seems poignant but as if it was placed there as an afterthought, much like the “justice” that was delivered to an individual in those hallowed halls not too long ago. Continue reading

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Breath Testing Machines

The breath testing equipment used by law enforcement has certain parameters within which it operates. In certain circumstances these machines direct the operator to take specific steps in order to facilitate a valid reading. Continue reading

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Ignition Interlock Laws in California

It has already been a year since the ignition interlock laws (IID laws) became effective but it still seems a bit new. Continue reading

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