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Judge Convicted of Fixing DUI Case

Former Fayette County, Pennsylvania judge, Dwight K. Shaner, 71, entered a guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge of hindering apprehension that stemmed from an allegation that he “fixed” a DUI case for the nephew of a former assistant district attorney. Continue reading

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Two California DUIs in One Weekend

The term “compulsion” can be found in most definitions of addiction. And we know that compulsion exists when a person cannot control their behavior even when they know that it is irrational or not in their best interest. If a person has been arrested for something, they know that doing it again is certainly not in their best interest. But in many cases with alcohol, they can’t help it. Continue reading

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DA Charges DUI Manslaughter when Nobody Dies

The Yuba County, California District Attorney is apologizing for making the mistake of charging manslaughter against an Olivehurst teen for a collision that didn’t kill anyone. Continue reading

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