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Bird Snitches On Drunk Driver

This story was just too good to pass up. Guillermo Reyes, 49, was stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Mexico City, Mexico. As he was exiting his vehicle to be tested, Mexican officers heard a voice saying, “He’s drunk, he’s drunk” coming from inside the car. According the NYDailyNews, the officers thought there was someone else in the car. Continue reading

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Riverside Given Almost $900 Thousand to Combat Drunk and Stoned Drivers

The California Office of Traffic Safety has awarded the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office $860,226 to combat drunk and stoned drivers. Continue reading

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Stopped and Asked to Take a Drug Swab?

With all of this talk about states allowing recreational marijuana, medical marijuana dispensaries located throughout Southern California, and most importantly LAPD using instant swab tests, I would be remiss not to mention tips for dealing with roadside weed tests. Continue reading

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High Driving in Recreational Marijuana Colorado

The beginning of 2014 marked the end of a 70-year ban on the sale of marijuana for recreational use, at least in Colorado. Colorado became the first state in the nation, and the first government in the world, to control and regulate a legal recreational marijuana industry. Continue reading

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“Sticker Shock” Prevents DUIs

Thirty years after being a DUI victim herself, Lesley Ledbetter made it her mission to warn others about the dangers of driving drunk. Continue reading

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