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Faulty OC Blood-Alcohol Tests Affect California DUIs

The Orange County Crime Lab has reported that, between May and October of this year, its testing of blood-alcohol in DUI cases has produced flawed results. Calibration errors in testing equipment produced blood-alcohol testing results approximately 0.01 percent higher than the actual blood-alcohol content. Continue reading

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DUI on an ATV

An Illinois man has been charged with DUI after crashing his all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

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Drunk Driver Crashes into CHP Car

Well, it’s one way to tip the police off that you might be driving drunk. Continue reading

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Mouthwash’s Effect on a Breathalyzer

Today someone asked if mouthwash can affect the results of a breathalyzer and, if so, how. Since it’s not the first time that someone has asked this question, I thought that it would be a good idea to address the issue of whether mouthwash can affect a breathalyzer. Continue reading

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