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Life Sentence for 6th DUI

A general principle of criminal law is that the punishment must “fit the crime.” Is a life sentence for a 6th DUI overkill? I’d sure say so. Continue reading

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Amanda Bynes Not Competent to Stand Trial in California DUI Case

The former Nickelodeon star was due in a Los Angeles courtroom on September 24th for her California DUI case arising from an arrest in April of 2012. Bynes, however, missed her court date and her attorney is claiming that she was mentally unfit to stand trial. Continue reading

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Can I Get a California DUI with Caffeine?

Believe it or not, this is not that stupid question. And believe it or not, the answer is, technically, yes. Continue reading

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Dram Shop Laws in Decline

“Dram shop statutes” are laws that hold alcohol-serving establishments liable for injuries caused by drunk drivers who were served alcohol when they were obviously intoxicated. In other words, a bar or restaurant can be sued if they served a visibly intoxicated customer and that intoxicated person causes damage or injuries while driving drunk. Continue reading

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Dying Cat Not a Defense to DUI

A Florida man was unable to convince a state appeals court that the jury in his felony DUI trial should have been able to consider the defense of necessity when he drunkenly drove his friend’s dying cat to the vet. Continue reading

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