Monthly Archives: August 2013

Not Sure You Can Drive? Check Your Phone.

If think you might be drunk, you can use one of the many phone apps to determine alcohol intoxication including phone attachable breathalyzers. But how can someone tell if they’re capable of operating a vehicle after taking some prescription meds? … Continue reading

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Drunk Walking Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving?

I’ve said it countless times on this blog; if you’ve been drinking, find alternative means home. The reason is twofold. One, avoid law enforcement and avoid DUI charges. And two, eliminate the risk of injury or death as the result … Continue reading

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Southern California End of Summer DUI Crackdown

It’s not time to put the barbeque and ice chest in the garage just yet. But you can be sure that before Southern Californians do, they’ll be celebrating the end of summer with some ice cold, possibly blended, drinks. From August 16th through Labor Day on September 2nd, otherwise known as the traditional end of summer period, Southern California law enforcement agencies will be out in full force looking to nab drunk drivers. Continue reading

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