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Long Beach DUI Murder Without Priors

A second degree murder charge for a California DUI resulting in a death is generally reserved for those who have suffered a prior DUI charge. Prosecutors are able to introduce both signed Watson advisements and the attendance of a DUI class to prove that the defendant acted with a “conscious disregard for human life,” otherwise known as implied malice. Continue reading

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5 Biggest Mistakes During a California DUI Stop

People who are stopped for a California DUI often do things that will make their case worse. Often times, friends or family give bad advice about what to do when pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence that can make the case much worse. Other times, mere neglect can hurt a case. The following are some of the mistakes that make me shake my head when my clients tell me about their California DUI stop. Continue reading

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4th of July DUIs Up From 2012 in Southern California

You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Law enforcement officers were out in full force throughout Southern California this past holiday weekend. And arrest they did. Continue reading

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Silence CAN be Used Against You in Your California DUI Case

Those arrested for a California DUI, or any criminal case for that matter, have had their 5th Amendment right to remain silent significantly limited by the United States Supreme Court last month. The United States Supreme Court, in Salinas v. Texas, held that silence can be used as a sign of guilt when the person is not under arrest and they have not been read their Miranda rights. Continue reading

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Scaring the DUI Out of You

What types of advertisements would it take to keep you from driving drunk? Anti-drunk driving ads have been around since the early part of the 20th century. One of the earliest was this 1937 anti-drunk driving poster issued by the … Continue reading

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