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Man Arrested and Charged for DUI After Blowing 0.00

Jessie Thornton, a 64-year old man from the retirement community of Surprise, Arizona, adjusted his sleep schedule to match his wife’s schedule. His wife is an ER nurse who works nights. Thornton runs his errands, does his chores, and goes to the gym at night while his wife works so that they can both sleep during the day. Continue reading

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Money Well Spent?

The Los Angeles Times reported that in 2012 the California Office of Traffic Safety granted the Burbank Police Department $31,500 to conduct DUI checkpoints through September of this year. That’s a lot of money, much of which comes from taxpayers. I’m sure that taxpayers wouldn’t mind paying if it means taking drunk drivers off the road. The Burbank Police Department used some of those funds to hold a DUI checkpoint on Saturday, June 1st. How many drunk drivers were taken off the road, you ask? Continue reading

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Lessons Not Learned

Although I try and keep this blog limited to California DUI topics, sometimes DUI stories in other states are too good to pass up. Continue reading

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Southern California DUI Checkpoints Protested

Two posts ago, I gave you the California DUI arrest rate for the Memorial Day weekend. Although, checkpoints in Los Angeles did, in fact, nab some drunk drivers, some people protested that there was a racially motivated ulterior motive to specific checkpoints in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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Tweeting DUI Checkpoints a Good Thing?

Frustrated with the public’s knowledge of the location of California DUI checkpoints, California law enforcement agencies have begun to conduct their checkpoints at unexpected locations at unexpected times. Continue reading

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