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Man Reports Own Drunk Driving

Unfortunately for Matthew Devore, honesty doesn’t get you out of a DUI charge. Continue reading

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Segway DUI? MN Appellate Court Says No

One of my favorite topics to write about is the odd and unusual vehicles (or non-vehicles) that people get caught driving while intoxicated. I’ve written about DUIs involving bicycles, horses, river rafts, and even Power Wheels. Today, I have something … Continue reading

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Study: Texting While Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

They say that a person’s attention is taken away from the road for at least five seconds when they text and drive. Driving at a rate of 55 miles per hour for five seconds is the equivalent of traveling the length of a football field… without looking at the road! It would be fair to say that texting while driving is extremely dangerous, but is it more dangerous than driving drunk? Continue reading

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Can a Home Breathalyzer Prevent a DUI?

Many people who have only had a couple of drinks often get arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence simply because they did not know they are above a 0.08 percent blood alcohol content. Therefore, it would be fair to assume that if people knew that they had 0.09 or a 0.10 percent blood alcohol content, maybe they could avoid a DUI by waiting just a little longer before getting behind the wheel. But with so much at stake, can we really trust home breathalyzers? Are they reliable? Can we still get a DUI? Continue reading

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Cost of a DUI on the Rise

Sure, there’s the money spent on an attorney, the cost of which may vary in and of itself. There are the fines and fees imposed by the court, whatever that may be. But do people really consider how much a first time misdemeanor DUI will costs? Continue reading

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