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Do Gas Prices Affect DUI Rates?

It seems that New Mexico has been at the center of many of my recent posts, mostly in the negative context. I’m happy to say that New Mexico is giving us a positive story. It seems that a New Mexico statistician has found a silver lining to the rising gas prices. Continue reading

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Proposed Law Seeks to Push Last Call to 4am

It is 1:45am at your favorite local dive bar. You’ve lost track of time as the result of an in-depth, slightly inebriation induced, discussion with your BFF about last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. That’s when you hear the Ding of the bell and you know it’s your cue to make a mad dash to the bar for your last pint of Budweiser. The scenario is generally familiar to Californians who frequent the bar scene. It is what is known as “last call” or the time that alcohol-serving establishments give patrons to buy their last drink before alcohol sales stop at 2am. Continue reading

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New Mexico DUI Offenders to be Blackballed from Buying Alcohol?

Last year I wrote a post on a proposed North Dakota law that would have required the drivers licenses of DUI offenders to bear an emblem that would prevent them from purchasing alcohol. The theory was that if convicted DUI offenders cannot purchase alcohol, there will be less repeat DUI offenses. It seems that New Mexico is following in North Dakota’s misguided footsteps with a proposed bill which would require New Mexico DUI offenders to carry a similarly branded license. Continue reading

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What Are a Persons Rights at a DUI Checkpoint?

In true lawyer-nerd fashion, I was browsing YouTube looking for humorous law related videos. My other customary YouTube browsing topic of choice is “funny cat videos.” This time, however, I came across this clip. Continue reading

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New Zero-Tolerance Law Introduced in the State Senate (Updated)

On March 8 I posted the above entitled blog. I mentioned Assemblywoman, Norma Torres’s AB 2552 which would have made it illegal to drive with any measurable amount of marijuana in the system. One of our readers, Mike Biggans, correctly pointed out that the bill was not defeated as I had incorrectly stated. In fact, the bill was amended to clarify current DUI law by creating separate sections to distinguish between DUI of alcohol, DUI of drugs, and DUI of a combination of both. The amended bill was signed by Governor Brown on September 29, 2012. So, a big thanks to Mike Biggans. An updated version of that post is here: Continue reading

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