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DUI Smart Car

Nissan is taking driver safety to new levels with the unveiling of DUI prevention technology featured in a new concept car. The vehicle contains several types of sensors that detect the presence of alcohol, the drowsiness of the driver, and any erratic driving patterns. Continue reading

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Holiday DUIs

Are you one of those who likes to spike the eggnog with a little brandy, rum, or whiskey? Personally, I can’t stand eggnog. But for the millions out there who drink the holiday beverage with a little kick to it, be aware that law enforcement knows you like spiking your drink and they’ll be on the road this holiday season. Continue reading

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DUI Restitution

The usual damage in your average, run-of-the-mill, DUI is to your ego, reputation, and pocket book. Sometimes, however, driving under the influence can cause damage to the property of another person or persons. If your DUI involves an accident, you may have to pay to compensate for damage caused to others. This is called restitution. Continue reading

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Flying Under the Influence (FUI)

We’ve covered cycling under the influence (CUI), horse riding under the influence (HRUI), boating under the influence (BUI), and even rafting under the influence (RUI). I think we’re due for a look at another means of transportation. What about transportation tens of thousands of feet in the air? That’s right; I’m talking about flying an airplane under the influence (FUI). Continue reading

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Dangerous to Drive Under the Influence of Drugs, We Know

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) issued a press release announcing that over 95 percent of California drivers view driving under the influence of drugs as a problem on California roadways. The annual survey on driver opinions of driving habits also stated that of the 95 percent who consider diving under the influence of drug a problem, 71.5 percent consider it “a very big problem.” Continue reading

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