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What is a Tahl Form?

Last week a client asked me what a Tahl form was after I explained the process of accepting a plea deal. I thought it might be a good idea to run through the basics of a Tahl form for a DUI. Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana and DUI

With Colorado and Washington’s recent passages of laws allowing recreational use of marijuana, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at California’s current status on marijuana law and its effect on DUI law. Continue reading

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DUI and Warrants

Today I received a call from a potential client who said that a bench warrant was issued for him because he failed to show the court proof of enrollment of his DUI class following his conviction. He wanted to know what this meant. Continue reading

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Recreation Marijuana Legalized in Colorado and Washington

Both Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana use on November 6th. What does this mean for DUI laws in those states? Continue reading

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Truck Driving and DUI

Truck drivers, not surprisingly, are held to a higher standard for DUIs than your average non-commercial driver. According to California Vehicle Code section 23152(d), commercial drivers cannot drive with 0.04 percent blood alcohol content or higher while driving a commercial vehicle. Continue reading

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