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OC Thanksgiving DUIs Up from Last Year, L.A. Down

What beverage are people washing their turkey and stuffing down with? Apparently, the answer is alcohol. My guess is seasonal beers. Continue reading

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DUI Probation Violation

It is not uncommon for the judge to impose a 3-5 year probation term instead of jail time for a DUI conviction. In fact, unless there are aggravating circumstances, receiving probation is highly likely. As my past blogs have demonstrated, what someone receives as their terms or conditions of probation can vary quite significantly. Continue reading

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OTS Survey: One in Seven Drivers Tested Positive for Drugs

On Monday, November 19, the California Office of Traffic Safety released the results of a federally funded survey of alcohol and drug use by weekend drivers. The survey found that one in every seven drivers had drugs in their system. Continue reading

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Bail and O.R. in DUI Cases

Bail in criminal cases is a guarantee that the defendant will return to court. What this means is that a person gives money to the court as security that they will return to court for all future hearings. If the defendant does not show up, the defendant forfeits the money. If the defendant shows up, bail is exonerated and the money will be given back. Continue reading

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DUI on the Morning After Drinking

I recently had a conversation with a prosecutor who was telling me that he had a DUI case where the defendant hit a motorcycle and killed the driver in the morning hours. The interesting part about the case was that the defendant had been drinking the night before, had slept through the night, and had not had anything to drink since the night before. The defendant was, nonetheless, well over the legal limit. Continue reading

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