Highest BAC Level Ever?

I recently represented a person for driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.32 percent. This is exactly four times the legal limit. According to common BAC charts, which list the effects of alcohol on the body when the blood alcohol content is a 0.32, my client should have been in a “stupor,” with little comprehension of where they are and what they are doing. My client could have easily lost consciousness. While this is an extremely high BAC level, many DUI arrestees are caught with much higher BAC levels. In fact, a man was recently caught driving under the influence, believe it or not, with a BAC level almost eight times the legal limit.

Late last month, Justin A. Clark, 24, was arrested for driving under the influence and it was later determined that his BAC level was 0.627 percent. It was reported that Clark was driving erratically and hitting curbs. North Liberty, Iowa Police Chief Jim Warkentin said that it was the highest BAC level he had ever seen in his career of more than 20 years.  Warkentin continued, “It’s just amazing the person was conscious to be that high. Most people don’t make it above 0.3, they end up passing out.” Clark might as well have been unconscious. When officers asked Clark what day it was, he responded, “Three, but now it is four.”

This piqued my interest and I began searching if there were others that posted a higher DUI BAC level than Mr. Clark’s impressive 0.627 percent.

In 2007, Deana F. Jarrett  of Woodinville, Washington was arrested after having a BAC level of 0.47 and colliding into two cars. At the time it was the highest in Washington’s history.

In 2008, Stanley Kobierowski of North Providence, Rhode Island pled no contest to driving under the influence when he drove into a highway message board and it was later determined his BAC was 0.491 percent. Police said that it was the highest level BAC for someone who was not dead.

And the trophy goes to…drum roll…

Terri Comer of Klamath County, Oregon. Comer was arrested when she was found unconscious in her vehicle which was running and in a snow bank. After being transferred to a local hospital, Comer’s blood revealed a BAC level of 0.72 percent.

It is generally accepted that the lethal BAC level for humans is between 0.4 and 0.6.

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  1. Gordon Sturos says:

    Back in the ’70’s I arrested a DUIL on Grand River Ave., Green Oak Twp, Livingston County, Michigan. He blew a pair of .46’s or .48’s and he performed all of my tests better than I could, and I don’t drink. I did not stop him for erratic driving, it was for something else. I drove him to McPherson Hospital in Howell. On my next shift, I picked him up at the hospital, and a doctor handed me a vial of blood that he had just taken. I sent the blood to the lab and and it came back with a .24.

    This subject was in his 50’s, well dressed, no glazed over eyes, nothing to detect that he was drunk. As I was talking to him I smelled alcohol, and saked if he had been drinking He stated that he had been to a Christmas party at work, and had been drinking all day. When I asked him how many drinks he had, he stated that perhaps 30-40 drinks. At that time I was told that he held the record in Michigan for highest bac.

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