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HRUI – Horse Riding Under the Influence

I’ve talked about cycling under the influence, boating under the influence, and even rafting under the influence. But here’s a new one. A Kentucky man was arrested last week for riding a horse under the influence. Continue reading

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Colorado Lawmakers to Revisit Marijuana DUI Standard for a 4th Time

A law that would make it illegal to drive in Colorado with 5 nanograms or more of THC per milliliter of blood failed by one vote in the Colorado state Senate this last May. The bill, originally sponsored by Sen. Keith King, has since pushed by King to be revisited for a fourth time. Continue reading

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Good Friend or Kidnapper?

Witnesses in San Diego reported the latter. But what really was it? It was someone taking the phrase “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” all too literally. Continue reading

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Home Confinement for DUI

A few months ago I represented a client for his fourth DUI with a rather high BAC. If that wasn’t bad enough, he hadn’t paid fines related to his priors and had violate probation twice. He expressed concern over serving time in jail because he ran his own business that couldn’t operate without him. After some negotiation with the prosecutor, my client was allowed to serve his time through home confinement instead of going to jail. Needless to say, he was pretty happy. Continue reading

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Prescription Medication and DUI

Most people are aware of the risks of drinking and driving. Most people know that they shouldn’t drink and drive. And although, most people know that some prescribed medications can have an effect our abilities to drive, few people stop to think that maybe they shouldn’t drive after taking medication. Continue reading

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