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DUI’s Scarlet Letter

Some Texas judges, in their relatively broad sentencing discretion, have taken to shaming DUI offenders into rehabilitation. But is the intent to rehabilitate or to actually punish by embarrassment? Continue reading

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Advice from the Urinal

Michigan has begun implementing a new innovative and rather unconventional DUI deterrence technology.
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The Hypoglycemic DUI

Those afflicted by hypoglycemia display double vision, blurry vision, nervousness, poor balance, disorientation, tiredness, and weakness, amongst others. Do these symptoms sound familiar? They should. They’re often the symptoms law enforcement cite to support a finding of probable cause for a DUI suspect. Continue reading

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Off-Camera Field Sobriety Test is Unlawful

In Pinellas County California, police officers keep onboard cameras on during DUI stops. The officers, however, apparently record only what they want to record. Continue reading

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