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Law Stops Ulterior Motive for DUI Checkpoints

Sure, we know what law enforcement tells us about why they set up checkpoints. It’s in the title “Sobriety Checkpoint.” They want to keep drunk drivers off the road. But does that mean they’re not looking for other “crimes” also? Continue reading

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California Assemblyman Allegedly Refused Chemical Test

In April I posted a blog regarding the arrest of Assemblyman Roger Hernandez for suspicion of driving under the influence. The Assemblyman of the 57th District based in West Covina, was arrested in Concord California on March 27, 2012. Continue reading

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Federal DUI

What do these camping vacation destinations have in common? They’re national parks. The key word is national, which means that, although they’re all located in the state of California, all are federal land. Federal lands are subject to federal laws. Continue reading

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Former Humboldt Deputy Faces Watson Murder Charges

Michael Joseph Campbell, a former Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy is facing murder charges after crashing his motorcycle killing his passenger, Cara Banducci. Continue reading

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What is a SCRAM Device?

Ask Lindsey Lohan. The actress was ordered to wear one by Judge Marsha Revel back in 2010 for her drug and alcohol related arrests in 2007. The device is common in driving under the influence cases to ensure that DUI defendants abstain from alcohol while the case is pending or as a condition of probation. Continue reading

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