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Faulty Breathalyzers in San Francisco

Faulty breathalyzers in San Francisco cast doubt upon DUI convictions. Potentially affected DUI cases being reviewed by District Attorney. Continue reading

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Are DUI classes enough?

Being convicted of DUI in Orange County means that you’ll most likely have to attend DUI classes as part of your punishment.  Drunk driving offenders in California must attend these DUI programs and classes in order to protect their future driving … Continue reading

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Legendary racer cited for DUI

  LAS VEGAS — Maybe legendary race car driver Al Unser Jr. thought he saw a raised checkered flag in the dead of night on that lonely stretch of New Mexico freeway: Speeds were high, discretion apparently tossed to the wind.

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The Dirty Skin defense

Blood alcohol content for purposes of a DUI prosecutions are often obtained from withdrawing blood from the defendant. Depending on the county, analysis of the blood could take a couple of days or over a month.

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What is a “Watson Advisement”?

If you drive drunk, kill someone and have at least one prior DUI charge, you can be charged with second degree murder. In 1981 the California Supreme Court, in the landmark case of People v. Watson, held that someone who … Continue reading

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