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California Assemblyman Drives Drunk

California assemblyman Roger Hernandez was arrested in Concord, California on suspicion of driving under the influence. A recent press-release from Concord Police states that Hernandez’s blood alcohol content was 0.08%. Continue reading

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Are Random Sobriety Checkpoints Constitutional?

If an officer must have reasonable suspicion to pull a driver over, and probable cause in order to conduct a DUI investigation, how are random sobriety checkpoints considered constitutional? Continue reading

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Sleep Driving Under the Influence

Sleep driving, recognized as an involuntary act by the FDA, may serve as a legitimate defense for driving under the influence of legal, prescription sleep aids. Continue reading

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Watson Advisement – Murder by DUI

Individuals with a prior DUI conviction may be charged with second degree murder if they drive drunk and cause a fatality due to the Watson Advisement, a document most California courts require to be signed by offenders as part of DUI sentencing. Continue reading

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The Dirty Skin DUI Defense

Blood samples obtained by law enforcement can become tainted if not tested quickly. Sugars and microorganisms at the injection site, which can be withdrawn along with the blood sample, may ferment and raise the BAC of the sample, successfully creating reasonable doubt in some DUI cases. Continue reading

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