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“Zero Tolerance” Spreading?


The recent publicity concerning Washington D.C.'s "zero tolerance" laws (you can be arrested for DUI with as little as .01% alcohol in your system) has apparently caught the fancy of others around the country. 

Dupnik wants to outlaw any drinking at all by drivers

Arizona Daily Star. Tucson, November 24.  Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is calling for a new law that would make any drinking and driving illegal – even if the driver is not impaired.  

Only stricter penalties and a stronger community will solve the problem of drunken drivers, he said at a press conference Wednesday.  "There isn't one person in this community who hasn't heard the phrase 'Don't drink and drive,'" Dupnik said…

He already has won the support of two political leaders and officials with Mothers Against Drunk Driving…

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety is interested in Dupnik's idea, too, director Richard Fimbres said.

"It's time to shake up how we do things in Arizona," he said.

I had commented in another earlier post that the generally negative reaction to Washington's "zero tolerance" scheme may have signified a backlash against increasingly unrealistic drunk driving laws.  It would appear that the opposite may as well be true.

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