May 2018

Memorial Day is always a busy weekend for DUI arrests and accidents. This year was no different: reports from Burlingame, CA and San Diego, CA show high arrest numbers at DUI checkpoints and increased enforcement. DUI-related arrests across the state have also risen since last year. On May 25th, Friday night, almost 30 vehicles were […]

I am currently in the midst of a California DUI case where my client was under the age of 21 at the time of their arrest. At the beginning of their case, my client asked me what could happen to him. Unfortunately, it’s a common question as many people who are not legally allowed to […]

Today, May 17, a woman in Telford, Tennessee was arrested for hitting a Greene County deputy’s cruiser. The woman, Angela Gillis, age 45, was driving a 2015 Dodge Minivan when she hit the cruiser at about 2:00am on US Highway 11E. A deputy and his partner were transporting a juvenile inmate for medical attention at […]

Houston police yesterday arrested Natalia Ortiz at El Muelle Seafood restaurant where she works as a bartender. Almost exactly two years ago, one of Ortiz’s customers left the restaurant under the influence of alcohol and crashed into another vehicle killing one of the occupants. You might be asking why Ortiz is being arrested and charged […]

Defense attorneys have been saying for years; breathalyzers are flawed. A new report that was never meant to be seen was and it confirms the defense attorneys’ suspicions. Unsurprisingly, our story begins with a DUI case which arose out of Washington state. The DUI defense attorney in the case sought the assistance of two experts […]