July 2017

There’s no question that there is a public disdain for drunk drivers. In fact, based on my experience, the villainization of drunk driving far surpasses that of other acts which make driving dangerous such as texting and driving, driving while tired or even speeding. I can only assume that this is because people believe that […]

You may have already seen the video. A California teen livestreamed herself driving drunk and crashing the vehicle that she was driving. The collision killed her younger sister. The teen driver, Obdulia Sanchez, pleaded not guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter and number of other felony offenses this past Wednesday. 18-year-old Sanchez of Stockton, California was […]

In the latest news from the front lines of the "War on Drunk Driving"…. Suspected Drunken Driver Can Be Busted in Own Driveway  Detroit, MI.  July 25 — The Michigan Supreme Court says a driveway is no refuge for a drunken driver. The court says Northville authorities could charge Gino Rea with drunken driving, even if […]

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Jon Ibanez and I have posted in the past about the dangers of "distracted driving" — that is, driving while using a cell phone, reading a map, putting on makeup, etc.  See, for example, Jon’s recent post Is Distracted Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving?.  And over 12 years ago I commented in Drunk Drivers […]

One of the most feared consequences of the California DUI is the ignition interlock device. Fortunately, the ignition interlock device is not required for all California DUI convictions. Whether a person will have to install an ignition interlock device will depend on a few things. Before I talk about whether a person will have to […]