August 2016

If Memorial Day marks the unofficial kickoff to the summer season, Labor Day is the unofficial end of the summer season. While some may miss the warm beach weather, others are looking forward to some cooler temperatures. Either way, I think we’re all glad to have a three-day weekend (unless you’re one of the unfortunate […]

Turning a Blind Eye to DUI

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Put yourself in the following situation: You and your friend, Vary Waysted agreed to go out to the local watering hole for the evening. This time, however, is Vary’s turn to be the designated driver. Half way into the evening, you notice Vary at the bar ordering a drink, but you do nothing. You know […]

Labor Day Weekend

There are many options out there for those who want to enjoy the weekend and spend some time with friends. As always, we have to remember to drink responsibly, we are all human and sometimes have a little too much to drink but we must always use our better judgement.

Simply put, if you pull up to a California DUI checkpoint, yes you must stop. This is an exception to the rule that officers generally need probable cause that you did something wrong before forcing you to stop. However, you don’t necessarily need to pull up to the checkpoint. First off, there are ways to […]

Of all the questions I get about what to do and what not to do during a California DUI stop, the question about whether a person has to give a breath sample after a DUI stop is among the most common of the questions. Strangely enough, the answer is both “yes” and “no” depending on […]