May 2016

An AAA study released earlier this month confirmed what myself and other DUI defense attorney have been saying for quite a long time; blood limits for marijuana do not indicate impairment for purposes of driving under the influence. “There is understandably a strong desire by both law makers and the public to create legal limits […]

California is a destination for many people, a destination which offers many locations and opportunities to imbibe some alcoholic refreshments. When an out-of-state driver does partake in enjoying some alcoholic drinks, they sometimes make the mistake of getting behind the wheel and are arrested for a California DUI. When that happens, often is the question: […]

Many people believe that just because an officer doesn’t recite the Miranda warnings during a DUI stop their case will be dismissed. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. While most people know that Miranda warnings are usually recited at some point, very few people know exactly when they are required during a DUI stop. As a […]

In which state would you think your chances of being injured by a drunk driver is the highest?  Which state has the highest incidence of DUI?  Which has the highest percentage of DUI arrests?  The highest fatality rate from drunk driving? If you guessed California, you’d be wrong.  New York?  Wrong again.  Ditto all the […]

David J. Maloney is known for his humorous commercials advocating his law firm and his strong stance against drunk drivers. He is a personal injury lawyer who has multiple commercials in which he states that he will not represent DUI offenders. One of his specialties include pursuing cases against drunk drivers. This past weekend, Maloney […]