February 2016

This past Friday the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to criminalize a chemical test refusal following a DUI arrest in that state. Prior to the ruling, refusing a chemical test could land a person a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on how many times they had refused in the past. The […]

Sometimes reporters have to find the stories. But sometimes, just sometimes, the story comes right up to them, tells them to start rolling, and confesses to a fatal DUI crash. Such was the case with a FOX11 news crew who responded to a collision in Los Angeles on the evening of Monday, February 22nd. A […]

Car dealerships deal with different type of customers and it is not common to deal with a customer who is under the influence of drugs. Unfortunately, a CarMax in Ontario failed to realize that one of their customers was under the influence while test driving a Corvette. An Ontario CarMax employee, Warrren Dennis Smale, was […]

A few years ago, the United States Supreme Court held that DUI sobriety checkpoints were constitutionally valid.  Michigan v. Sitz.   In a 5-4 decision, Chief Justice Rehnquist admitted that such checkpoints violated a citizen’s rights under the Fourth Amendment, but held that this was only a "minimal intrusion" into those rights, and that violation […]

  With several news stories emerging in the past several years about pilots flying commercial jets while under the influence as well as the release of the 2012 Denzel Washington movie “Flight,” although uncommon, I do get the question: can a person get a DUI for flying a plane under the influence of alcohol? Undoubtedly […]