March 2014

Imagine you’ve been out with a few friends for dinner and drinks. Although you’ve had a few drinks you feel fine to drive. You’re almost home when you see the dreaded red and blue lights in the rear-view mirror. You think to yourself, “Oh crap!”

I’ve posted in the past about the difficulties of proving that a DUI suspect was impaired from using marijuana.  See DUI Marijuana: Does Marijuana Impair Driving?,  Identifying and Proving DUI Marijuana (“Stoned Driving”).  I’ve also commented upon some states’ simple solution to those difficulties:  set arbitrary legal limits of marijuana in the blood — or […]

25-year-old Aloni Bonilla is accusing California Highway Patrol officer Jose A. Ramirez of excessive force and violation of civil rights for a confrontation that stemmed from a Los Angeles DUI arrest of Bonilla.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer, Jonathan D. Chel, 29, of Fullerton, unintentionally ordered up himself a McDUI after plowing his vehicle into a McDonalds in the early Friday morning.

Patrick Johnson, 51, of Vernon, Vermont was not allowed to plead guilty in his DUI case because the judge in his case deemed him too drunk to enter the plea.