August 2013

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that NBA veteran Lamar Odom was arrested early this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence.

I received a number of queries concerning my previous post, “Parking Under the Influence“. And the answer is….Yes, you can be arrested in many states for “sleeping under the influence” in your parked car — on the shaky theory that you were probably driving some time earlier and were probably intoxicated at the time. What was unusual about the Alabama story […]

Ever take advice from the urinal? Yeah, me neither. However, males in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins should if they find themselves being told not to drink and drive by urinals at bars and restaurants in those cities.

AAA’s president and CEO is blaming complacency for his foundation’s recently released survey results. According to a national survey conducted by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, American drivers are less concerned with dangerous driving practices, such as drunk driving, than they were four years ago even though traffic fatalities have risen slightly.

Parking Under the Influence?

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So just how far are we going with all of this DUI craziness?  Well, consider the following news story from WAFF-TV NEWS (Huntsville, Alabama): DRUNKS ARRESTED FOR PARKING UNDER THE INFLUENCE Next time you go partying, you may want to think before you drink. That advice from Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett. “All you got to do is prove […]