June 2012

In People c. Malvitz, the court concluded that it was the legislative intent to prevent drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs from driving anywhere in California including on private property.

Just when you thought MADD’s "War on Drunk Driving" had reached the limits of sanity….  Man Sues Police Over ‘Forced Catheterization" Salt Lake City, UT.  May 24 – A 22-year-old college student has filed an $11 million federal lawsuit against police in central Utah, claiming they forced a catheter in him after he refused to consent […]

Attempted DUI

It is possible to be charged with attempted DUI if you unsuccessfully attempt to drive a vehicle while intoxicated.

When the Innocent Plead Guilty

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I’ve often been told, "Well, if he pled guilty he must have done it!"  This is wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin…   Certainly, in DUI cases, the reasoning is wrong as drunk driving is somewhat unique among criminal offenses.  There are two offenses (in most states carrying identical […]

California Highway Patrol has reported an overall decline in DUIs and DUI fatalities during this year’s Memorial Day weekend.