February 2012

DUI under 21 years old

For those of you out there that occasionally indulge in a cocktail, and are under 21, here is some information to help educate you on what you are really risking.  Now I’m not saying that yours truly never consumed a drop of alcohol before that O’ so big 2-1, but the bottom line is that […]

The Black Robe Pass

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In my last post (The DUI Double Standard Continues), I commented on how cops commonly get a free pass when they’re caught driving drunk.  I should have added that this double standard is applied to judges, too…. DUI Charges Dropped Against Judge Willowbrook, IL.  Feb. 15 — Charges were dropped Wednesday against a veteran Cook County […]

During my initial investigation into the facts surrounding a DUI related arrest, I ask a myriad of different questions.  Each one of these questions is intended to root out whether law enforcement followed the strict statutory, constitutional, and common law requirements of the law during the investigation and subsequent arrest.  One of the very specific […]

Here are a couple facts concerning an IID device that can be of great benefit to those who have been arrested for a second DUI, or even a 3rd or 4th.  This information is directly from the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Here is a recent article by the Glendora Patch, concerning nearly three quarters of a million dollars being spent on increased DUI enforcement.  An interesting questions to ask is, where do the proceeds go from the arrests generated by the $700k spent on this campaign.  The state continues to pour resources into the prosecution of […]