February 2012

Cant we all get along?

Famed victim of police brutality, Rodney King, has been arrested for reckless driving according to KTLA.  Before we get to the details of this story, heres another quick tidbit regarding Mr. King.  Just recently, he announced that he will be marrying juror #5 from his civil matter.  Yes, the civil matter where he was awarded […]

The simple answer is NO.  I have been advising and representing people on DUI related cases for a long time now, and with hundreds of clients under my belt I can confidently tell you that a lawyer is not required to handle your case to conclusion.  Let that sink in….

In recent times, I’ve detected a growing backlash against the excesses of the hysterical "War on Drunk Driving" — and even of politicians willing to question "The DUI Exception to the Constitution" and thereby risk MADD’s wrath come election time.  See, for example, Backlash, Forced Blood Draws: Citizen Backlash? and Catheter Forced Up Penis After DUI Arrest, […]

Upon arrest for a DUI, or any other misdemeanor case for that matter, the court process that awaits you is very similar.  The initial court appearance is referred to as an Arraignment hearing.  During this initial appearance you will be required to enter a plea with the court of either guilty or not-guilty.  This is […]

A woman who struck 3 cyclists while DUI was arrested, plead guilty, and will be sentenced on several felony charges here in Orange County Superior Court.  Apparently, the woman was driving on a suspended license, as a result of a prior DUI related arrest.  As we have discussed, getting arrested for a DUI while driving […]